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Guest of Honour Brazil 2013

Guest of Honour Brazil 2013: translation funding programme increased
Brazilian Ministry of Culture provides around 160,000 euros in support of the translation of Brazilian titles

Frankfurt, 07.10.2010 –  The Brazilian Ministry of Culture is providing around 160,000  euros (364,000 R$) in funding for the translation of Brazilian works into languages from all over the world. This is ten times the originally planned amount, as the Brazilian Consul General in Frankfurt , Cézar Amaral, announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The “Literature Translation Grant” programme is intended for Brazilian and international publishing companies and has been launched by the Brazilian National Library Foundation (Fundação Biblioteca Nacional) and the Book and Literature Department in the Ministry of Culture (Diretoria de Livro, Leitura e Literatura) in cooperation with the General Department of Research and Publishing (Coordenadoria Geral de Pesquisa e Editoração). Applications for funding can still be submitted through to 23 October (further information is available on the Brazilian National Library website at www.bn.br).

Official agreement with the 2013 Guest of Honour Brazil signed
Today, the official agreement with the 2013 Guest of Honour Brazil was signed at the Frankfurt Book Fair, following on from the declaration of intent already signed by the Brazilian Culture Minister Juca Ferreira and the Book Fair Director Juergen Boos in June in the Brazilian capital Brasilia. The presence of the Guest of Honour Brazil at the Frankfurt Book Fair will be the joint responsibility of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and Foreign Ministry, the Brazilian Consulate General in Frankfurt will be responsible for the implementation locally. “Apart from the classics like Jorge Amado and the exceptional case of Paulo Coelho, Brazilian authors have been virtually untranslated in recent years in Germany . So of course there's a lot of catching up to do here”, says Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Contemporary authors such as Patrícia Melo, Bernardo Carvalho, Milton Hatoum and Paulo Lins are available in German translation, others, such as Adriana Lisboa, Ronaldo Corria De Brito, Marta Medeiros, Joấo Paulo Cuenca and Santiago Nazarian have remained undiscovered up to now.

Brazil has already started preparing for its appearance. Together with the export and investment promotion agency Apex Brazil , the Brazilian Chamber of Books (Camara Brasileira do Livro) is launching a promotion campaign for the Brazilian publishing industry headlined “Brazilian Publishers”. 56 publishing companies are exhibiting on the Brazilian national stand (Hall 5.1 E 961), around 120 Brazilian publishers are here in person – among them Companhia das Letras, Cosac Naisy, the children's book publisher Callis, two of Brazil's biggest education publishers, FTD and Scipione, and the literature  publishers Rocco. There are a number of events on Brazil at the Book Fair, such as an art book exhibition in Hall 4.1 (foyer) organised by the Brazilian publishing company  Imprensa Oficial. A presentation by the Brazilian photographer Valdir Cruz is dedicated to the subject of trees in the São Paulo region (8.10., 12.35 p.m., Forum Dialog 6.1 E 913). A discussion on the “Cultural Integration of the Mercosur” is being held by the Brazilian Consulate General on Wednesday (6 October, 5.30 p.m., Forum Dialog 6.1 E 913), and on Friday at the Fair, the topic is the “Historical Relations Between Brazil and Argentina ” (8 October, 5.30 p.m. Forum Dialog, 6.1 E913).

Brazil is Germany 's most important trade partner in South America . A high level of professionalism and flourishing translation activities are typical of the Brazilian book market. Around 45,000 new titles are published per year, there are around 3,000 publishing companies in Brazil . Rights and licences for Brazil are granted predominantly by the Anglophone world. For Germany , Brazil is the biggest purchaser of rights and licences on the American continent at 178 titles (2007: 156) – ahead of even the USA (143). Whilst Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America are very much under the influence of Spanish publishing corporations, the Brazilian book market operates completely independently of the Portuguese book market. “Since 1994, the first time that Brazil was the guest nation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Brazilian book market has undergone very dynamic development”, according to Fabiano dos Santos, director  of the Book and Literature Department in the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. “We are delighted that in 2013, we will be able to demonstrate on an international stage Brazil's attachment to other Portuguese-speaking countries as well.” 

The Brazilian delegation and the Directors of the Frankfurt Book Fair after the signing of the Guest of Honour Agreement, 06.10.2010

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book and media fair in the world - with around 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries. It also organises the participation of German publishers at more than 25 international book fairs and is associated with the Cape Town Book Fair in South Africa and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. It maintains the most visited website worldwide for the publishing industry at www.buchmesse.de and its directory of decision-makers in the book and media industries features around 31,000 contacts. The Frankfurt Book Fair is a subsidiary of the German Publishers & Booksellers Association.

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